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Stinky's Story! ~ How we found our first ferret.
Stinky here, I was minding my own business one sunny afternoon. Just taking a normal stroll down a long windy path. Dook'n & sniff'n, catching some fresh air. I hear a loud sound. What is that? I go closer to the sound. Big black monster! I gotta check this out! It stopped and turned around. I run to it. A man stepped out of the monster and spoke to me. He said are you a ferret? I said, "I guess?!" The man said, "come with me, if you want to live." So together we rode in the big black monster. I met my new mommy, grandma and daddy that day. They fed me and cleaned all the ticks off of me. I am now king of the realm! Dook'n Ain't Easy!